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not receiving all texts, had a few replacement phones already

i love my fascinate, except that every once in a while i wont get some of my text messages from people. it isnt all the time, just sometimes but lately its been happening more and more. i have already had my phone replaced a few times, and i dont want to go through that again because i know a lot of people with this phone have this issue. verizon has told me its the OS that needs updated which is samsungs fault then. do you think verizon would give me a totally different phone then? im sick of going through the replacement process with that not helping!! 

Re: not receiving all texts, had a few replacement phones already
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

No disrespect but it is time for users stop considering a replacement device to resolve every issue that comes up, a replacement should only be concidered as a last resort after all other options has been excluded....  Since you have had multiple device doing the same thing, chances are that the device isnt the issue.


Since you are using a device that is transmitting data wirelessly through multiple networks communication issues do happen and it doesnt exactly have to be your carrier or device causing the issue, if you are sending a message to a user on Sprint or AT&T you have to at some point leave your carriers network to access the other carriers network to get this information to the other persons device...   For the longest time I could not recieve or transmit to and from my friends iphone on AT&T and learned that there was a network issue with AT&T network that caused the issue,  Due to this a replacement device wouldnt have resolved anything..


Companies can sell recondition devices as like new easily because users keep send a new device that had no issues for a used device because of a unrelated device issue.

Re: not receiving all texts, had a few replacement phones already

Valid points Wildman, but you are missing the point.


I have been missing text from users on every network.  More so on the Verizon network.


Have called and spoken with higher level support and they verify that all is OK with the networks.


When multiple users are having the same issue in different parts of the nation, it is more than logical to think that the phone is the cause.


We have even been validated in the claim, as you may see from recent post on here.  A verizon rep has stated the cause is the OS on the phone.


True that doesn't mean everyone should push for a replacement phone, but Verizon and Samsung should be more speedy in the desire to fix the issue.


This is usually how class action lawsuits get started.


Anyway, hope they fix the issue soon.