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not receiving texts or phone calls
I've had my Fascinate for about a month, and it has been awesome up until the last few days. All of the sudden, it has stopped receiving phone calls all together (pretty annoying when my boss tries to call me...) and I'm having numerous issues with my text messages. Sometimes, quite often, I will send a text and then get a notification that it failed to send. So, I manually resend and then have the person tell me they're getting my texts more than once. Yesterday and today, it has been not receiving texts at all...and then hours later my phone will start going crazy and I'll get 20 or 30 texts at once. It's quite obnoxious. I've called Verizon twice today and was told to dial *228 and update it, which I did and was not helpful. The second time I called they told me to remove the battery and see if that helps. Again...not so much. Of course I am 3 days outside of my worry-free guarantee, so I will have to pay them more money to replace this phone that I just got. Anyway...looking for some tips here on how I can get my phone back to functional. Thank you!
Re: not receiving texts or phone calls

Have you added any new apps lately?

The other thing I'd try is a hard reset (reset the device to factory) after backing everything up to see if that helps....

Re: not receiving texts or phone calls
You shouldn't be charged if it's a hardware issue, it is under warranty for one year. As stated above, out sounds like something you installed like a messaging app. Keep in mind that not all applications in the market are safe. Factory reset and try again. If that doesn't help, go into a dealer and demand a replacement.