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So the biggest and baddest, no. 1 self rated phone service seems to be  last to get the new UI update out to it's customers. Can you hear me now? Sprint has it, T-Moble has it?  All I see from Verizon are reasons we should be moving to the other services.

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The date Pie is available on each device will vary as the manufacturer determines which devices and features they'll update and the schedule. Please see the link below for the most up to date information. Thank you.



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Re: note 9 UI update
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S10 launch is tomorrow, almost every carrier on the planet EARTH have updated the note 9 to One UI. Can you give a date when Verizon owners can expect to get it on their Note 9.


I am asking a serious question respectfully.  PLEASE DO NOT


1. Point me to the page for updates that just shows the updates that have published and does not show any future dates.


2. Post/Send me the canned response that you value me and that you are working on the update and you will release it after you have finished your testing (as this does not also include a date).


3. Ask me to DM you (most this is requested on twitter) so that you can tell me something in private.  


Please ask someone who knows and post an date.

Thats how things get done, when someone commits and then follows thru.

Again thank you in advance.

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Just when you think you have gained confidence in your phone provider this happens.

Verizon is the biggest service out there and they hide behind links and put us off.  How about total honesty, is that difficult?  Someone knows but it is like Top is a freaking update...IOS doesn't play like this.

Come on Verizon, we are being pateient but non answers take away our confidence in you abilities.


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That is not a satisfactory response and just shows how little Verizon actually thinks of it's customers.  Sadly, any phone not made by Apple or Google will not get timely updates as Verizon is allowed to junk up phones made by Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.  Until these other manufacturers put their foot down, it won't change.  

Verizon is not provided it's customers with better service by adding junk to the phones.  Just keep me connected wherever I go and leave the phones to the manufacturers.

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JoshuaC_VZW .... this has nothing to do with the manufacture and everything to do with Verizon dragging their feet on this one.  Samsung did their part (otherwise myself and many others wouldn't aready be running the Android Pie and One UI via sideload).  This is really just about Verizon dragging their feet. I am sure it is taking extra time as VZW works harder than ever to try to tighten up how they disable things like Samsung Cloud so they can try to upsell all of us to the hokey VZW version of the same service at an additional monthly charge.


Stop pointing the finger at others and hiding behind lame excuses. Answer the customer's questions honestly before you find yourself on the losing end of more lawsuits over Verizon misleading consumers.

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Verizon is the most expensive of all the major players and still leaves it’s customers behind when it comes to major updates. EXTREMELY POOR!!!

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Nope didn't help. Update with no update.