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phone stopped charging then died completely

I had just told a rep at verizon last week that I wasn't going to upgrade my phone because I really haven't had any issues.  Today my phone stopped charging.  Went to the store, and they got it to charge, and told me my cord was bad.  Bought a new cord, started charging the phone in my car, and all of a sudden it died.  I cannot start it back up, despite it telling me that it's fully charged or after removing the battery and trying to restart it.  The customer service rep told me that the phone was dead.  I got it in December 2011.  The phone isn't even 2 years old and it's dead?  Are you KIDDING ME??? 

If I want a new phone, I basically have to pay the asking price, plus a $30 activation fee.  And I have to change my current unlimited data plan because it isn't offered any more.  And there's no way to access my phone to retrieve any of my pictures or other data.

I can't even email anyone at Verizon because there is no "contact us" email.  I can't call because my phone is dead!  I have been a loyal customer for 11 years, and this is what I'm dealing with right now?  Seriously?  I can use my insurance and receive a refurbished phone in a few days, but that still doesn't solve my problem of getting my stuff off my current phone.  I do back stuff up, but not every single day.  I am so upset and frustrated right now, there really are no words.  Unfortunately, I can't even communicate this with anyone from the company because they have no contact info other than Chat, which no one is available and a phone number, which I can't use bc I don't have a working phone!!

Re: phone stopped charging then died completely

What exactly does "loyalty" have to do with fact that you have an 20 month old phone who it appears this is the end of the road. Also you will have to find.other means to call them. Go to the store and call from there if need be. That will give you the chance to see quality on a new phones