problem with email reception-- Having some success!!

After downloading the 2.2 update, I was having trouble with receiving emails automatically and manually. I have been tinkering with the phone all morning trying to figure out what could have changed. I seem to be having some success, at least manually downloading emails. The load messages "wheel" isn't freezing up anymore. At least for now.  Here is what I did.


On your phone, click on the "file" tab on the bottom left of phone. Next, click the "more" tab, then account settings. Scroll down to server settings and click "incoming settings". Check your settings to make sure they haven't changed. Scroll down and click "next". The phone will check incoming server settings. Next, do the same thing with your outgoing settings, just for good measure. 


This is all I did and the email seems to be coming, at least manually. Maybe after the update it did a little something to the email, but letting the phone check the settings smoothed it out. I've got my phone set up for 5 min. auto check, so I'll stop manually checking and see if I get anything automatically.  Let me know if this helps!