"unlocked" S9
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I bought my S9 directly from Samsung. It was the unlocked version. I was not sure what the difference was but it was cheaper, and I liked the fact that Samsung had 0% financing, and the mo payment was much less than adding it to my Verizon bill.

As soon as I got the phone, and tried to connect it, I was sorry. It took several calls to both Verizon and Samsung to get it registered to my account.

I do not have wifi calling, HD calling, or video calls. When I tried to find out why, I was told by a Verizon rep that it was because I didn't get the phone through Verizon and as soon as an update came through, it would be there. Several updates have come through, but no changes. There are also some settings that don't seem to work either, such as, my S7 could be set to not lock if I was at home. (very annoying to have to unlock the phone at home)

Does anyone know how I can  get this software added to my phone. I would be glad to pay for it! I really need the wifi calling, as I visit several friends and family that don't have good cell coverage.

Re: "unlocked" S9
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I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to access and connect to WiFi calling. I know how much of a benefit this feature can be. Let me see what we can do to assist you with this issue. I would like to complete some steps with you. Just to clarify, are you saying the option to connect to WiFi calling is not showing on your phone? If it is, please complete the following steps included in this link: http://spr.ly/6582DAYgq . Please let me know if you were able to complete the previous step.


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