In the last year verizon reception and ability to make a call has become terrible.

Their technicians say tower is only 3 miles away but next verizon tower is 9 miles away so they say they do have a service issue.

Verizon does not have any apparent plans to fix the service issue, that they will admit to.

I have a samsung note 5.

would changing to a note 9 improve anything?

or should I just quit Verizon and go to AT&T or some other provider?

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Re: reception

depends on your position in relation to the tower & which way it's facing.

the tower sends/receives best if you're in front of it (orientation)...if you're to the side or behind, not much you can do.

think of it like a fan.

no, won't help.

Re: reception
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn that you are having some issues making calls, ALLBEA76. You are a valued customer and I don't want you to consider a mover from our Verizon family. I'd love an opportunity to explore ways to improve your wireless experience.


First I would like to confirm the trouble area. Are you experiencing these calling issues in your residence or in other location?

What is the ZIP code for the trouble area?
If the issue is inside your home, do you notice any improvement if you step outside your house, power the phone off and on to reset the connection to the network and test outside your house?
Do you have WiFi at home?


Changing your phone will not make a difference if the issue is with the network.


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