returned equipment

I have also been fighting with Verizon to get credit for a phone and apple watch that was returned to the warehouse October 26.  They are saying that they never received them and cant credit them back.  I returned an IPad back in April which I think I finally got credit for.  My mom passed away in October and they said they would return her items under a death clause they have.  I returned a Samsung SG FE tablet and a Apple watch.  They are saying that I sent the wrong tablet back or that they did not receive them anywhere.  I have two tracking numbers that say they were delivered to the Fort Worth TX warehouse on 10/26/22.  1Z096V4Y0609713422 AND 1Z096V4Y0609713431.  I dont understand why this is so difficult to understand.  I spoke to the very first customer service rep on 10/18 and she sent me boxes for the equipment to go back.  I returned them and have not received any credit at all.


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