s20 ultra sim card and 5g

I upgraded over the weekend to a s20 and it came with a pre-loaded sim card.  It would not activate on the new sim card no matter what I did.  Kept on saying session expired error when I try to login into my verizon, even though I had the right credentials.  So I put in my old sim card from my s9+ and got the phone activated.  My question is does new sim card that came with the s20 required for 5g?


My other question is it has been 24 hours and my account is still in a change state, but still showing that I am on my old shared 8 gb plan.  I am assuming I have to wait a little while longer until that happens until I see 5g on phone for when the plan changes.  I have a 5g tower just up the street and I am on the map but I did not see it at all today it was on 4g all day.  Furthermore, you might want to tell your reps that it is a requirement by VERIZON to be on an unlimited plan and not an issue with the phone itself because my phone is working fine right now on my old plan under 4g which would have been cheaper to stay on.  

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Re: s20 ultra sim card and 5g
Customer Service Rep

It is important that you are able to use your new device, storm181. Do you know when your billing cycle ends? The plan change may have been scheduled to go through at the end of your billing cycle in order to prevent prorated airtime charges.