s8 pie 9 update - NFL app?

My phone just updated to Pie 9 and the first thing I noticed that I have to change is that when I press the button to show open apps (on the bottom left hand side and it used to show all the apps piled on top of one another so that I could scroll through and choose the one I wanted), it now shows only "recent apps" (not necessarily things I leave open on purpose) and there are a few (I guess) "suggested" apps on the bottom, the first one of which is the NFL app.  I don't even have that app on my phone!  I'm open to any way to customize this display, but most importantly, how do I get rid of that NFL app "suggestion"?!

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Re: s8 pie 9 update - NFL app?
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I have the S7 without the pie update.  The NFL is an installed app by Verizion and it resides in the Verizion cluster of apps in the app locker.  You can disable the app in app manager but uninstalling it is not at option. Of course the S8 could be different.

Re: s8 pie 9 update - NFL app?
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We certainly understand how you are feeling as the updates are intended to improve your experience. We are sad to learn this is not the case. The new update did make quite a few changes, the button that previously open apps is one of them and it cannot be modified. We recommend contacting Samsung for further support to see if there is a way to revert this software update. Here is a link to their support page, hope it helps: http://spr.ly/6608E5Gue. As far as the NFL app, it cannot be uninstalled but can be disabled. Here is a link with more information on how it can be done: http://spr.ly/6609E5Gu5