samsung flip4 not receiving phone calls
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Phone is not consistently receiving calls, nor do they show up in voicemail or recent  incoming activity.  Have visited 2 Verizon stores with no real solution.  One did a full reset of the phone which then disrupted all the internet and bluetooth connectivity.  Did allow calls for a while.  A Verizon rep shared there have been hardware/network issues of late with Samsung.  Wish I'd known that before purchasing this phone...   have checked the details for the contact info and all seems in order.  

Would like to be able to receive my spouse's calls.  Appreciate any suggestions before traipsing to yet another Verizon store and having a groundhog day experience....

Re: samsung flip4 not receiving phone calls
Enthusiast - Level 1 one else and nothing from Verizon, eh?

Re: samsung flip4 not receiving phone calls
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