secure entry door will no longer work from cellphone

I have a Samsung Galaxy 10E and I live in a secure building. Visitors press a code on a keypad, it rings on my phone. I press 9 or 99 and the buzzer to the front door goes off to let them in. For two years, I have had no trouble with letting people in. Last week, it did not work. Hours (literally) with the Verizon tech, hours with the manu tech of the keypad, both say must be the other's fault. Shut my phone off, did any updates, took out the sim card. No luck. Turns out only 2 other people in my bldg have the same problem. They have iphones. Only connection is we have Verizon. Others in the bldg have ATT and no problem.  Advice?  

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Re: secure entry door will no longer work from cellphone
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We understand the importance of having access to control who goes in and out of your building Ma74. I'm truly sorry to hear this app isn't working with your device any longer. We are here to help with the next best steps to resolve your concerns. What app are you using to allow access to your building keypad/door? Have you reached out to that company who owns the app you're using? Did you have a different phone previous to your Galaxy S10E that used the app to connect your building keypad/door?


Send us a private message with this information so that we are able to get you the help you need to get this fixed.