spam group text from my number sent to others

I know there is a known situation where verizon customers are getting spam texts to themselves from their own number. I received on of these this week also. But what about this?

A few months ago, 4 people got a group text from my number that I did not send. Only 1 of the 4 is in my contact list. However, the other 3 are in the contact list of the 1 person in mine. The person that wrote and sent this (inappropriate) text has to know at least a little about each of us based on the content on the text. I understand how email spam works, but how is this possible with cell numbers and texting? And how can I prevent it from happening again?

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Re: spam group text from my number sent to others
Customer Service Rep

Hello, smn6133. Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I can certainly understand the confusion and concern regarding this group text, and will be glad to take a closer look at things for you. I've sent you a private note. Please respond as soon as you're able, and we can get started. I look forward to your reply.