still a voicemail problem (Android, Samsung Galaxy)
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I have a simple (not visual, not upgraded, not premium) VOICEMAIL app on my Samsung Galaxy 8.  Occasionally someone leaves a message and I can listen to it in Voicemail. Most of the time though (including when I call from my landline and leave a test message)  i get ooops something went wrong as a notification... will then take me to voicemail if I try to read the full notification, where if i open it, there is nothing to view.  It says refreshing and circle spinning forever  when I hit refresh.

I have 2 saved voicemails, i forced stop, cleared cache, etc as some of the older help posts suggested, it makes no difference.

Anyone have a real clue Thank you!

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Let's take a closer look into this for you, please send us a Private Note.