thanksgiving day 2019 sale on note 10+ issue
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why did verizon delete all traces of its 1 day thanksgiving day sale this year?


it included getting at Note 10 plus for a discount of $1400 ($400 port number + $400 trade in + $600 promo credit) I have an emailed order summary from verizon on 11/28 to prove it. 

the $400 trade in and $600 promo were to be applied in 24 months discounts of $16.67 and $24.99 respectively. the $400 port is to be paid via mastercard giftcard.

recently, on my verizon wireless account, i've noticed i'm getting a promo credit for $14.58 per month on the note 10 plus line.

that credit only equals $350 not the $600 that was part of this 1 day promo.

my order summary states i'm suppose to get 24 credits of $24.99  *NOT 24 credits of $14.58

now Verizon chat (Adrian and his superviser Terry) flat out states that there was no such promo... smh  and they refused to look at my emailed order form that verizon sent me on 11/28.



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Re: thanksgiving day 2019 sale on note 10+ issue

Verizon a bunch of crooks.

Re: thanksgiving day 2019 sale on note 10+ issue
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Must be some friendly crooks to discount equipment.

For the OP:

My experience with chat has always been appalling. Call CS, they can check promos both active and expired. When my girlfriend was missing a promo, had them submit a form for me to get owed credits. All was well after, give this a try!


Re: thanksgiving day 2019 sale on note 10+ issue
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tocsrechno, I have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to the Private Message with a good contact number?  SantoC_VZW

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I wish I had read the compliants in this forum before I too fell victim to the Verizon bring your own phone $200 Rebate scam. November 2019, I added three lines, bringing two existing I-phones, and purchasing a third I-phone from Verizon after being told by a sales rep that all three would be eligible for the rebate. Well it's now January and after two months of being strung reps promissing that the three rebates were still processing...the rebate center now claims that the rebates are not eligible. This is a classic game of bait and switch, false advertisment, and poor business. I would love to see an attorney form a class action law suit and put the screws to Verizon for doing this to consumers. I strongly encourage everyone that experiences similiar issues to post about it on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, and any other platform that they may have access to. Posting only on this site limits the visibility, and we need to bring this shamefull practice of Verizon into the light for the public to know so that they won't fall victim to the scam.