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the height of incompetence

so my misery continues after my 3rd bad Nexus with numerous dropped calls I sent an email to verizon customer service, they had been offering a Razr Maxx as an replacement for while and then they finally said they shipped it, got the package today and to my amazement it was another nexus, just incompetent people, complete rubbish.

Verizon's email below

Dear Prashant,

I am so glad you took the time to write us about your experience. When I read what happened, I was truly disappointed. I realize that things go wrong sometimes when it comes to technology. However, at Verizon Wireless, we are empowered and expected to go above and beyond for our customers. And I deeply apologize for each of the issues you experienced, and that we did not exemplify this approach in your situation. I would have called to apologize personally but it was too late. My name is Tracey and I hope you will allow me to rectify this situation.

It is my goal to get you a RAZR Maxx replacement sent out tomorrow. I work at 3:00 PM to 12:00 AM tomorrow and will try calling you at 5:00 PM EST. The last thing I want is for you to feel that we habitually offer poor customer service. There are some things outside our control of course. But I feel it is my job to take care of everything that is within my control. I pride myself on providing my customers with the experience and respect you deserve. And I assure you, I will handle this issue personally.

I hope you can accept my apology on behalf of Verizon Wireless in the kind spirit which I offer it. I truly appreciate your business and I will contact you tomorrow, Sunday, June 10th at 5:00 PM to process your replacement order. If I do not reach you, I will text you and you can respond with the best time to call back.



Verizon Wireless

Customer Service

Re: the height of incompetence

I was told just today when I called to complain that my second refurb. which I had only 4 hours dropped 12 calls, that Verizon is no longer replacing the nexus with other devices.  I would have to continue to get refurbs until the new "patch" comes out.  Oh call dropped three times while talking to them.  Each time I had to call back and start over.  I was then told that my new replacement needed to be sync ed and the tech would call me back when I could get another phone.  He did.....apparently he did some sort of sync ing on his end and then I had to put the battery in.  He said this should be done to all new devices??????  Why didn't they tell me with the first one???  He made me promise to use the phone for two days and each time I had a problem to dial ### and send.  I have had two calls.  One dropped after a minute and sixteen seconds.  Then the next one lasted five minutes and the static was so bad I had to hang up.  OH and ### send thing doesn't work it tells me to hang up and try the call again.  Oh and did I mention that tech guy said he had a GNEX and it was the greatest phone imaginable.  I have been told that exact same thing by many reps/techs over the last six months. 

Re: the height of incompetence

fortunately Verizon finally sent me a Razr Maxx, much better overall package than the Nexus, although simply the screen and web surfing aspect nexus has an slight edge, but overall Maxx beats it by far.

Re: the height of incompetence

Congratulations, Prashants17. 

Here was my experience:

<Duplicate content removed and can be viewed here in the orginal location.>

Sounds as though we have had similar issues.  To make matters worse I used my upgrade to get the phone...that isn't a phone.

I'd like a new phone, but even if I were offered, I don't want the Rezound (worse battery life, very thick and bulky) or the Razr (worse screen resolution, two versions lower os, worse battery life).  It really feels like I've been stuck.

I like the ideas of complaining to the FTC as on a different thread and congressman.  Just don't see any other options...

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