trade in issue, was lied to repeatedly

I've been a customer for over 25 years.  Last year there were some trade in deals in July that we participated in for 4 of our lines.  My phone was not up for trading in yet. In November I had 1 month left to pay on my phone and I found a trade in deal stating I would get in $650 or $700 if I traded in my Galaxy S10 for a s21.  I had a lot of difficulty getting a box to ship my phone in, they finally sent me a label and I sent in the S10.  After 2 months I reached out and they said yes, the phone was received and I would get my credit in another month. Now it is 2 months later.  I started a chat and they had to go through looking for the return and could not find the deal on my account.  I spent an hour and the guy said he was an expert and would find a way to get it to work.  Then the chat dropped.  So I called and spent another 2 1/2 hours to be told I used the wrong label to send it back, though they sent me the label.  Then they told me the deal was for $200 and I was getting back $6 a month, when I was told I would pay $6 a month.  The guy kept trying to have someone in another department put through the deal and they said they couldn't.  So I asked for a supervisor.  He put me on hold for a while and said there was no one available.  He said he could schedule a call back at 8am the next morning to see what kind of deal he could get for me.  When I asked why we couldn't do it then, he said he was not able to get the department right then or something to that effect.  I agreed to the morning call back and of course it did not come.  And I can't spend any more hours on the phone waiting to try and get my $500 that I should be getting back.  There is no way to reach a supervisor.  I have 5 lines with verizon and am questioning the wisdom of continuing with them

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