trouble downloading new apps

I am trying to get my GPS working and I have download a few apps.  There is no more room on the 3 pages of applications because of all the bloatware. I download an app GPS Status and according to the marketplace it has been downloaded but it doesn't show up anywhere on my phone. Help!


After those 3 pages on my phone are filled, can I still download apps? I can't delete the bloatware so I can only download about 6 apps and that's it???

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Re: trouble downloading new apps
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Not sure what to tell you as to why you are not getting your downloads.  However, I am at page 4 for apps, so you can definitely get more than 3 pages.

Re: trouble downloading new apps
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LauncherPro is an application available in the app market that will allow you to have up to 9 home pages for applications. You can change the number of homepages for applications from four to nine pages. Please keep in mind all applications are from third party developers. Download at your own risk. The application should help you resolve your problem with the limited home pages on your device.