two defective Samsung s10's jumped to Apple
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Last June we bought a Samsung s10 from Costco. It would play music in the background when making a call. The other person could not hear it. We took it to the Verizon store where they heard it and they recommended we take it back to Costco. We did and they exchanged it for another. The 2nd phone did the same thing. So we did a "factory reset". Installed only a few apps, but it still did the music thing.

Went to the Samsung service center authorized to do in warranty service. The guy said it was one of the games, so we removed it. After a while it started playing the music again. If you check online it's a known issue.

Our s10 phone is paid off.

We had enough, so we took it back to Costco on Monday Sept 23 to exchange for the new iPhone 11 Pro Max since we wanted a  3 lens phone like the s10. They could not complete the transaction with the data since there was some issue at the kiosk with their system. So they gave us the printed instructions so we could finish up at home. It took 48 hours to get our Apple ID and the phone up and running.

When we took the phone in to complete the exchange and get our refund $$ they said it could NOT be done since the s10 was no longer in the "Omni" system (having been replaced by the iPhone 11). Since they did not finish the transaction on Monday we are stuck with a $855 paper weight.

We've been to the Verizon store twice (offered us a trade-in value of $325) , Costco 3 times, and on the phone with Verizon (they said they would call back with a solution, but never did).

Everyone says they can't do anything since our phone is paid off, if that makes sense.

We are at our wits end.

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