verizon blew it with the galaxy note 10 plus 5g
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verizon released a 5g device again that only connects to a very limited part  of their 5g network. Premium price but only is supported in a few cities. They knew what their future plans were for 5g yet in a money grab released a device they knew would not be supported. Shame on verizon. Keep up this practice and continue to lose customers. Eventually you will have the third most customers behind T-Mobile and AT&T. 

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Re: verizon blew it with the galaxy note 10 plus 5g
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I have the same concern/problem as you.  I have a Galaxy S20+ that can't connect to 5G because it is nowhere near where I'm located.  And it's not like I'm in the boonies:  I'm 30 mins from the headquarters of Google, Facebook & Apple.   

And I agree, it is somewhat dishonest for Verizon to advertise their 5G service when it's only in limited locations.  It probably won't be in widespread use for another year or two.  - - That being said, I do not believe Verizon makes any money at all on phone sales.... of course, all the phone manufacturers do! - - Unless one lives in a "known 5G location", it would be best to wait until 5G is available "before buying" a 5G phone.