voicemail app vs old voicemail? Where is the old one?
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On my old S4, when I got a voicemail from someone leaving a voice message for me, the phone simply gave me a notification to call *86. I would press the notification, it would dial *86 and I would be in my voicemail.

With my S7, I get a notification that looks entirely different and it wants me to allow access to unnecessary features. This reminds me of the S4 optional (for $$) Verizon voicemail as it has the capability to text to/from voicemail. I don't want that and I am concerned to allow permissions to access this stuff.

Is this the old default voicemail that will use the *86 only or is it some new app, designed like all the other apps, to steal your personal information?

Re: voicemail app vs old voicemail? Where is the old one?
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The *86 is for the basic non-visual voicemail and is still available on S7. The voicemail application on the S7 is for the basic visual voicemail (free) and the premium visual voicemail ($2.99 per month). The default voicemail that seems to be active on the S7 is the basic visual voicemail. If you only want to use the basic non-visual voicemail, I would suggest calling customer service at 1-800-922-0204 from a landline or *611 from your phone and request they add the Block Visual Voicemail feature to your line.

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