wet phone

I have a Galaxy S6 and it recently got wet. Does putting it in a bag of rice really work ????? Can I use the SD card in my Galaxy S5 ???

Thanks Tom

Re: wet phone

try it before powering it up.

i don't think the sd cards are compatible!

Re: wet phone
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to hear that your phone has gotten wet, 4477. Dry rice can help pull moisture from your device. With regard to the SD card, a Galaxy S5 has the ability to use a memory card, however an S6 does not. Are you referring to the SIM card to reactivate service on your S5 instead? If so, the S5 uses a different type of SIM card. We can provide a replacement SIM card for free in a Verizon retail store or we can ship one to you.


Do you happen to have insurance on your phone? If so, you can file an insurance claim with Asurion here: http://bit.ly/2nXahS0 . You are also welcome to upgrade to a new phone of your choosing if you prefer. We can provide a replacement immediately in store or you can place your order in My Verizon. Does this help?


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