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what are my options?

ok i'm having a few problems and maybe someone can assist.

1- while making calls, when i press send, sometimes i have to wait a good minute before the call finally goes through.

2- ever since i got my replacement phone, the phone freezes 2-3 times a day. i have less apps than with my previous phone could the apps i have now be the reason?

3- my screen capture turns on randomly. how do i turn that off?

4- maybe this one is a dumb question but it still has to be asked- in my apt in certain spots somedays i have really good reception, but on other days i barely have any in the exact same spots. why is this?

5- when i go to unlock my phone, sometimes the screen lock doesn't go through the first time and i have to do it a second or third time (the buttons don't light up at all the first time). is this a glitch on everyone's phone.

6- there is a delay when typing my messages... constantly.... can this be fixed?

Re: what are my options?

Join the club all they keep doing is sending us replacement phones. I have been having the same issues and I am having the same problem with the new phone they just sent.

Re: what are my options?

Yup - mine either reboots itself, or freezes and I have to pull out the battery and reboot it myself EVERY DAY (at least once).  Other issues:

Apps not running/force closing randomly (especially annoying when it's my alarm clock app that decides to fail!)

Delays in unlocking/texting

Calls don't always connect

Apps VERY slow to load

Random screen captures

Pictures not always loading to gallery - have to go back into camera mode, then back out, then back into Gallery

Contact list randomly disappears - have to pull battery out to reboot & get them back

App updates don't run as quickly as they used to

......and the list goes on and on!

I'm just making do with the issues for a few more months - eligible for a new phone in March.  This phone has been very good to me up until a few months ago...I think it knows its end is near.  haha

Re: what are my options?
Customer Support

theprinze - A working phone is key, and that's what we want you to have! Sometimes the apps can be culprits. Sometimes it can be something else entirely. I would back up all your content, and then perform a master reset. Make sure that your SD card is removed so it does not automatically load any saved apps. This way you are free to test out your phone as stock as possible to see if these issues persists. If you want to hold on the master reset, try just removing your SD card to start off with first, to see if there is a noticeable improvement.

To perform the master reset, please follow these steps: Access Settings> Privacy> Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone >Erase Everything.

This will wipe all the data from the phone, so you will need to program and add your Google account back on again. Please make sure you have all that information handy, as well as backing up any data you may need, before performing this step as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We're here to help. Thank you, and everyone that has assisted on this post!


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