what can I do if sales rep lied to me?


 My mother needed a new phone because her old basic phone broke. I have a old s4 mini that I brought to the store to see if she could just use this phone. The rep to one quick look at the s4 mini and said nope that will not work anymore...You need to purchase a new phone. I asked what kind of phone we needed to switch without getting a new phone. He said any 4G phone. I said look it says Verizon 4G LTE on the back cover of the phone. But , still he said not that won't work. Stay with me.

Next, my note 8 needed to go in to Samsung for repair. I was worried not have a phone for the time of the repair. So I just asked if the s4 mini would still work with my network still. They responded yes it will. I also, called verizon support they alsi said yes it will work.ALL I had to do is switch my Sim card to the S4 Mini.  

Now, I think that's not right in anyway. I believe that this sales rep knew this phone would work but said it would not just to get the sale. What can I do..? I would like to report this sales rep!!!

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You were not lied too, the sales rep was correct. Unless you already have a previously activated SIM card, you cannot activate a Galaxy S4 Mini. Being that you stated the phone your mother had beforehand was a basic phone (which most likely had the older, larger type of SIM card), they were 100% accurate in their statement. A store rep does not have a way to activate a non-LTE phone. They also wouldn’t know about the SIM switching procedure, as it’s not their job to know that’s information; there isn’t any training on that sort of thing. Educate yourself and do your own research before resorting to reporting a rep for doing their job. Verizon wants everybody off of CDMA phones - it is literally that rep’s job to tell you that you can no longer use that device.

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You weren't lied to. They just didn't explain why you couldn't activate the old phone in one situation and why it worked in the other.

The Samsung Galaxy s4 mini couldn't be activated on a new 4G line because it isn't capable of VoLTE calls. This is part of the process towards the retirement of the CDMA network at the end of 2019. In July 2018, Verizon Wireless stopped activating phones that only use the CDMA network for voice calls. New activations need to be able to make voice calls over the 4G LTE network.

You were able to activate it on your own line because you used a previously activated SIM card from the Note 8 in the S4 Mini. The SIM card from the Note 8 was already programmed to use the existing CDMA network and the 4G LTE network. 

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