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will new sim card solve my phone problems?

I have had my phone for 10 months.  Since then, I have had the worst experience with this phone.  I have a signal about 50% of the time. I power off and on and nothing happens. I remove battery and start over, if I'm lucky I might get a signal but it is NEVER @ 4G.  I only see 1 or 2 bars usually. I don't get my notifications, voice mails or texts.  My coworkers have signals in the office and I don't.  My friends have signals in my home and I don't.  My travel companions have signals and I don't.  I receive messages that say my sim card has been removed or is missing.  I can't upload photos to Facebook, or email them.  I receive messages telling me to restart my phone to complete activation and I have no idea for what and who the message is from.  My verizon backup fails every day.  The cover to the back of the phone does not fit anymore.  I always have the same corner sticking out.  Today, the phone fell off my lap at the hair salon and my screen cracked diagonally throughout the entire screen.  I stopped in at the Verizon store today to share my experience and I was told by the rep that he has never heard of the problem regarding no signals.  I was told to change the sim card but was skeptical about this after reading discussions about the problems people are having with this phone resulting in replacement after replacement.  Each time I have stopped in the store, I am told I have the best phone made. I am made to feel as if I am the problem.  Information is not given to me freely, I must do research and then hope I am asking the correct question to find the answer to my issue.  I have been with Verizon for a very long time and I feel as if customer satisfaction and service is of no value.  They could care less if they lose a customer as they have so many one loss won't mean anything to them.  I have been told to call customer service for help.  I am so frustrated with this phone and this company.  To top it off, if I want my phone replaced with a 'refurbished' phone it will cost me $100.  I miss my Samsung Alias which out performed this phone a thousand times.  Is there anyone else out there who is experiencing my frustration?  I'm about ready to throw the phone away, pay the termination fee of $350 and kiss Verizon good riddance....

Re: will new sim card solve my phone problems?
Customer Support

Hi suxen,

I am sorry to learn that you have had so many issues with your phone! This is certainly not common of the Galaxy Nexus. My son has this phone model and I have not heard a complaint from him yet. You are a valued customer and I want you to  have the service and signal reception you deserve! Replacing the SIM card can definitely improve reception if your current SIM card is defective. I understand your concerns regarding the replacement fee but your manufacturers' warranty does not cover physical damage and if the screen is craked the warranty is void. I believe the fee you refer to in your post is for the insurance deductible and is actually payable to the insurance company Asurion. A phone with a cracked screen can be dangerous, if you have the insurance replacement option please process your insurance claim online at for a timely replacement.

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