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Can someone plz tell me how the Fascinate goes into safe mode and why and how to get it out of safe mode...tried turnin it off n back on...took the battery out..looked under settings for some kinda clue...NOTHING!! and now im not only clueless about safe mode but also of WERE THE HELL ALL MY APPS WENT....10 PAGES OF APPS..GONE!! HELP..PLZ

Re: wth

Power your phone off -hold voiume up volume down and power button all at same time it will start in recovery

clear the dalvik cache

you will not lose any data or apps

restart phone

Re: wth
Verizon Employee

Thank you wardcst24 for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to help out.




I have provided a link where you can view the steps on how to enable and disable Safe Mode on your Samsung Fascinate.


Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need additional assistance and I'll be happy to help.

Re: wth

If you are using the 2.2 android OS called Froyo well there is an issue with phantom button presses and the Fascinate.


Basically what happens  is the phone thinks you are pressing the menu button while the phone is booting. Trust me it happens I can have my phone off. Press the power button, see the samsung splash screen, lay the phone on a flat surface, and the phone still boots into safe mode. I never touched the menu button and was never near it.


When i encounter 2 safe modes in 2 boot attempts i clean the button area, i actually touch each of the 4 buttons and make sure they respond, then I power off the phone 1 last time. The 3rd boot is normal and away i go till the next time it happens.


Please keep in mind I beleive the phone will place itself in safe mode if it encounters a horrible crash. I had this happen under 2.1 and traced it back to a bad app i had installed.


Sometimes a user is asked to force the phone into safe mode for testing purposes, but it doesn't sound like you were trying to do this :smileyhappy: