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Beware of this company. They lie!!!!!

My girlfriend and I bought a tablet and added it to her account. 

The sales rep lied about the payment options and the additional charges to her account.

He also lied about the data options and made unauthorized changes to her account

without notifying us.

That would have resulted in even more charges. And isn't that what is all about.

Gouging the consumer!

It's obvious now that they will tell you anything in order to get your business.

I will never buy anything from Verizon again because of this experience and I strongly advise

and urge all past, current and future customers to find another company. 

It is my belief that sooner or later you will have an issue and in all likelihood you are going to come

out the loser.  In the past I have only had dealings Boost and Metro PCS.

Metro PCS is even worse than Verizon in my opinion if that's possible.  We had issue with

insurances claims and out of area charges.  I the end they shut off the phone and made it useless after

paying their fees.  In that experience I could not even get to a management level person to explain our side

of the issue.  When we went to the corporate store they did nothing.  And simply did not give a dame.  If I was an illegal alien I may have gotten some sort of response instead they blew me off.  I'm still pissed about that experience and will never use them.

If they were the last company on earth I would gladly go without having a phone.

But let me say when I was with Boost Mobile I had a positive experience. I had

Re: Beware of this company. They lie!!!!!

I was stonewalled as well at a couple 'authorized dealers'.  When you go there, then VZ itself can not really help too much cause of the contracts they have with them.  I could not get things 'fixed' and was ready to pay the termination fee, until this last person I spoke with found a fix to everything and NO termination fee. Why could I not get this guy earlier to suggest this 'fix'. I went thru a 2-3 month of large expenses before I talked with him. Thank you Matthew.