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Customer Service Phone Number Opens App - must change!

In the middle of the snow storm yesterday our Verizon Internet went down, so we thought we could use my phone to check email and such. Unfortunately my phone stopped getting data service. I had 4 bars, but the 4G wouldn't show up so I couldn't launch any apps that required a data connection. When I tried to call Verizon Wireless Customer Support at 1 (800) 922-0204, it would not dial the number. It kept trying to open the *611 Verizon App and then it would say no data available, so it wouldn't open the app. The only way we were able to call verizon  to get my phone fixed was using my husband's old phone which is not a Smart Phone. The customer service rep verified that this was a recent Verizon change. She had to remotely reset my phone to fix it.

Verizon, please change this setting! It makes no sense that if someone has a problem with their data they can't even call customer service!

Now that my phone has a data connection, when I try and dial customer service it launches the app and then asks me if I want to launch the app or dial customer service, but this screen pops up too late if you don't have any data service. Please fix this!

Re: Customer Service Phone Number Opens App - must change!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

You can change this yourself by opening the MyVerizon app, clicking MyVerizon at the bottom, then click Profile at the top.  Scroll down to *611 On-Screen Settings and click it.  Turn off Dialing *611 Opens My Verizon app.  Then sign out.