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Customer Service is KEY...

To whom it may concern,

I recently cancelled my service with Verizon due to a seemingly minor billing inquiry which went awry. In my most recent billing statement I was charged an additional $15 (chump change) for a data overage. After some investigation, I was shocked to find that my prior statement (3 months earlier) had been adjusted from what I had previously received with no data overage.  So needless to say, I called customer service to inquire about the disconnect... surely this is a mistake I thought!

Nope! The answer I got from customer service was neither rational nor informative. They Verizon rep preceded to tell me my usage was revised because another service provider had provided Verizon additional charges which were passed on to me (which makes no sense as I wasn't roaming?).  In my mind this was a blatant post payment revision of my usage which conveniently put me over my 1GB maximum usage.

The agent then explained that this is in my contract and there was ABSOLUTELY nothing she could do about it and would not review the circumstances with her supervisor. So in end she cancelled my contract and disconnected.  This seems extreme, but I do not agree being charged an additional $15 for being 2.4 KB over a 1GB plan months and months later.

Needless to say, I am unsatisfied with Verizon's integrity as a company and their capability of dealing with customer concerns in an intelligent and non-disrespectful way.

Unsatisfied Customer -

Re: Customer Service is KEY...

Why don't create your message as a DISCUSSION instead of as a blog post that hardly anyone will see?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Customer Service is KEY...

same here. Been with them since 07 .I'm strictly month to month with them now and I will never commit long term to  VZ again who will send me data usage alerts ; problem is  the data is about 2 days old as such no value to me in gaging exactly where Im at. Last month i thought i was right under my limit when in fact I was already 1GB over (despite not one but 2 VZ "customer service" reps assuring me I wasn't after I called to find out what my current data usage was).  VZ  told me the blame for  this issue  lies with  certain areas lagging in updating and/or other carriers reporting. Either way using economies of scale VZ with 100 million subscribers  is making lots of extra $$ in overcharges and people having to buy larger data packages cause they have to guess what their usage is or underestimating what it is like I did people who just pay their bills each month without looking don't even know.