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Great service finally

This seems to be the only place I can post this comment.  I just want to say thank you to Verizon employee Latonya in Charlotte, NC!  By far the BEST experience I have had with a customer service rep EVER.  While Verizon exceeds in service they in my view have lacked in customer service skills!  The rep before Tonya informed me that going to T-mobile would probably be my best option!!  What kind of verizon employee says that?  Tonya has the people skills that verizon needs.  Competition is going to get tough, Verizon!  The employees i have delt with until now have been arrogant jerks who treat me like verizon is doing ME a favor by allowing me to be their carrier!!  Tonya has turned me around.  She spent 4 hours on the phone with me trying to help me get squared away and get my kids the Iphones they have been begging for.  Tonya made a situation where she increases your revenue at Verizon and made the customer happy at the same time.  Verizon needs more employees like Tonya.  I have had service for 10 plus years.  I go out of my way so that I dont have to speak to anybody on the phone or anybody at the stores.  I am a people person and I myself am an amazing salesperson.  I have been embarrassed by techs who have gone through my phone read my messages out loud to other techs and laughed at me.  I have been laughed at when asked if i could upgrade or when I wasnt quite ready for a data plan.  I have had nothing but miserable experiences with Verizon people(not the service itself which is top of the line).  Your customer service needs to match your awesome phone service.  You need to have as many wonderful customer reps as you have wireless coverage.  I really cannot say enough about Tonya.  And as weird as it sounded upon hanging up with her there was a sense of loss that never again will I be able to have that kind helpful person to speak to when I have a problem.  Tonya did what all your employees need to do.  She developed a relationship on the phone with me.  She made me feel at that very minute we were on the phone that I was the most valuable customer she knew.  And that is key to service.  I was ready to make the switch to a carrier that isn't as good as Verizon.  Just as I have raised my kids--it doesnt matter if your the smartest or the best player on your team---If your not a kind person nothing else matters in life.  Now granted I don't ever expect anyone to ever measure up to Tonya.  She was incredible(did I say that already?!) I do however expect professionalism and kindness at the same time.  Yes Verizon, we know we need you but guess what as a customer from thwe beginning of wireless service I'm just as important to you.  Tonya informed me on the phone she was not a manager but on the leadership track.  And that woman is a leader!!  I couldn't remember my address at work, she called my job and got the address.  She told my boss her address doesnt pop up on google when she searches it.  THEN she proceeded to tell my boss how to fix that!!  Tonya will be following up on my wireless service on Feb 07 and to be honest I cant wait to hear her kind voice and her great laugh!!  Guess what Verizon employees?  You can be nice and still make money AND make customers happy!!!  KUDOS to MY VERIZON EMPLOYEE OF THE CENTURY!!!  Latonya in Charlotte!! You are the best!

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Re: Great service finally

If you had chosen "create discussion", you would have had several places to post your comment. Especially the Verizon Wireless Services space or the My Verizon space, both of which are better geared towards the contents of your message.

Since you choose to write a "blog post", I can guarantee you that none of the VZW reps that roam this community will ever your post. Although even as a discussion post, it would have needed to be marked as a question in order for them to see it too.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.