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HomePhoneConnect Enhancement Request/Suggestion

Home Phone Connect is a great idea, BUT it is still short of perfect.


I have several issues with this (new) service:


1. There is no specific forum for HPC suggestions/issues.


2. Home Phone Connect device does not allow use of Speed Dial from most all home phone devices.

    Please add the capability to store-and-forward speed dial (including redial)!!!


3. Home Phone Connect has just five slots for call blocking.

    Please double that number to 10 slots for call blocking.


4. Home Phone Connect does not allow changing the number of rings before going to (Verizon) voice mail.

    Please add the capability to change the default of a mere four (4) rings to at least eight (8) rings!!!


Issues number two and four may be a show stopper for me. I am considering canceling this service

before the 14 day grace period is up if these items are not addressed.




Re: HomePhoneConnect Enhancement Request/Suggestion

Hi jimib33,


Great suggestions, I'll send them on up!



Tested Voice Mail Ring Count



Verizon Voice Mail answered after four rings as did my answering machine which I reset

from six rings to four rings.


Please fix these two "BUGS":


1. Allow customer to set number of rings before Verizon Wireless Voice Mail picks up to

  at least a maximum of eight.


2. Allow home phone devices to use speed dial and redial where the Home Phone Connect

    unit stores the number BEFORE putting the dialed numbers on the network.



Re: Tested Voice Mail Ring Count
Sr. Member

call tech support and ask to have it ring 8 times for voicemail.. problem solved, but a check on it lol :smileytongue:

Re: HomePhoneConnect Enhancement Request/Suggestion

I agree with the suggestions above, and have some additional comments.


Registering for My Verizon is a needless hassle for a Home Phone Connect user.

Since the HPC device can not accept text messages, the web site states

that a password will be sent via US Mail, and that it might take up to 10 days.

After a 10 day wait, no such letter arrived.  When I called Verizon customer service,

the rep could not find any evidence that the letter had in fact been sent.  The corrective

action was for him to click something that is supposed to generate a new letter (5 day wait).


The web site's mechanism for dealing with a forgotten password involves sending a text message.

No other option is available.  This is pointless for the HPC product.

Re: HomePhoneConnect Enhancement Request/Suggestion

If there's a way you could pull off faxing over IP, I'd seriously consider switching. It'd save me on my phone bill every month, but I fax often since I work out of my home, so faxing is about the only thing holding me back. I've tried other services, and they just cost too much and are too complicated for me to use. I like running things though my cost-effective fax machine.