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How to log into community forum

I just created this community forum account with a bogus e-mail address.  I found no option to log into any existing account with my real e-mail, each attempt just took me to a registration screen.  When I tried to register it told me there was already an account with that e-mail address but it gave no option to log into the existing account.  I tried both in Firefox and Internet Explorer and got the same result.  It is as if my community forum account both exist and doesn't exist at the same time... superposition.   So now I have this account with a non existent e-mail address.  Hopefully someone in Verizon tech support can delete this account and then somehow make it possible for me to log into the account that uses my real e-mail address.  Or possible just change the e-mail address on the one I just created...which would also involve deleting the existing account with that e-mail.


Re: How to log into community forum
Sr. Member

This is really counter-intuitive. I have trouble with this too.

You have one account, generally accessible with your phone number and password to get into MyVerizon, and look at your device, data used, next billing date, etc.

Then you have another account, to log into the communities here for support.

Someone with more time and more familiarity with the web design and implementation is going to have to address this, because in my mind, if I log into my account to look at my device, data used, billing cycle, I should, without having to log into the support community, go to the community.

hang in there. some smarter peer than I will explain the logic of this to us. (I hope).