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If you get your phone stolen

     If you get your phone stolen by fed ex just know that even after verizon gets confirmation from fed ex they will continue to treat you like you are the thief and tell you that they cant do anything for you unless you repurchase the phone after you've already spent the money to buy the first one that got stolen out of the box by a fed ex associate. Jazymne the mgr i spoke with is a liar and told me that everything was taken care of i will get my money refunded back to my card and then to find out she didnt do anything but tell me what i wanted to hear and now it's taken 14 days and i still have no phone or money refunded. Verizon is the worst company i have ever encountered and i hope that by me venting this to this site someone will see it and avoid going here. AT&T, Sprint and even Tmobile have better customer service skills then all that work here.

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Re: If you get your phone stolen
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Call the credit card company dispute the charge. If FedEx told Verizon the phone was stolen they should have sent another to you overnight.

What they are doing is scamming you out of your funds to recoup the loss or theft of the device. Which was not your fault. Verizon has insurance on the sent device through the carrier. So they want to steal your money while they wait for their insurance pay off. Have your credit card issurer remove the charge as a chargeback, then and only then reorder the phone. Personally just go to a Verizon Wireless Corporate store. no shipping or loss involved.

Re: If you get your phone stolen

Hello Everyone. I wanted to share my recent experience with the Verizon community so hopefully the word spreads. On 5 December I purchased a Galaxy Note III from the Verizon Wireless website, enrolling in the Edge program which would allow me to pay monthly for 24 months. The day the package was delivered I had sign for it, brought it into my home, only to find that nothing was in the box besides some papers. I immediately contacted Verizon and Fedex and filed a complaint. Verizon gave me the "run around" (by "run around" I mean revealing that there was nothing they could do for me) for nearly a hour before instructing me to file a claim with the insurance company, which I immediately did. The next day the insurance company advised me that I would not be refund since the phone had never been activated and that I would have to settle this with Verizon. I proceeded to do so and Verizon continued with the "there's nothing we can do for you" line, because it was supposably my resposibility. Finally I was forwarded to my 2nd Supervisor in as many days. After another long discussion the manager assured me that a ticket had been submitted and it would take 7-10 days for the verdict. So on 16 December I called and to check where I stood and the operator told me that everything was settled and whether or not I would like another phone shipped. I politely said, "hell no, i'd much rather go to the store this time." The operator chuckled and said, "ok I will leave a note on your account in case of any issues." I proceeded to the store where… guessed it, I ran into issues. The verizon employee told me that I would be unable to purchase any phone. I told the employee the story and they decided to call Verizon. Once I got on the phone with them and told them my story, they replied by telling me that my claim was not processed correctly and another claim would have to be filed. So after traveling 20 minutes, spending a hour at the store, I was back at square one. Overall I have spoken to 7 different operators including 3 supervisors, filed to claims, and traveled to a store for no resolve. I have been very calm and respectful but these people have continued to jerk me around. This is the most unorganized company I have ever dealt with. One supervisor assured me that he would call and follow up but of course he never did. He also told me that any operator could reach me because he left his information. Now I've been promised the same thing my another supervisor of course. Absolutely ridiculous. I have been so stressed but Verizon couldn't care less.