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My forum account

I have made an account that is connected to my account that my phone is on and now I cannot even change my email in here. This makes no sense that I cannot even update my email address.At least link it to my my verizon account as I can update that so if it updates there it should here as well. But no they cannot do that. I call Verizon on the phone and level 2 support could not even help me. I then post in here under where someone else had this same problem. After a week the forum moderator sends me a message and then I send one back. Here I am now another week later and no email change at all. Is there anyone from Verizon have any control over these forums. I would hate to lost the points I have made in here to just make another account. It is aggravating they are not doing anything about this. As my wife is getting frustrated getting emails about what is going on here and I would like them in my email. So Verizon do you even moderate or care about your own forums. If so can you please tell me how you can assist me in a timely manner. As I know you would like to get paid for the services I get from you in a timely manner. I would like that same kind of courtesy. If not I will just delete this and not even bother.

Discussion locked as request is being addressed.

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