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No Phone, No Help

I had an HTC Rezound, which had several problems including a rebooting issue and an inconsistent charge port.  I did my best to make good use of this phone despite the problems. In July, the screen got cracked, so I filed an insurance claim.  I received another Rezound quickly from Asurion, although I had to use my old SIM card, since they sent the wrong one. This HTC Rezound had even more issues, including overheating and, eventually, a warped screen. Last Saturday, Oct. 5th, the spring in the power button collapsed, so I couldn't turn the phone on.  I went into the Verizon store in Florence, SC. The salesperson spent more time trying to sell me a tablet than trying to rectify my problem.  I ended up calling Asurion from the store.  They assured me that a replacement would be sent.  The salesperson said I should receive the phone the next day.  I didn't.  Tracking information claimed the phone was delivered on Tuesday, but I didn't receive the phone.  I called Asurion again, this time choosing to have the phone sent to my workplace.  I am a teacher who relies on my phone, not just for contact with family and friends and paying bills, but also for keeping contact with students' parents.  The phone was still a no show. I called Asurion on Thursday and found out that for some unknown reason, the package was on its way back to them. Asurion told me they would send the phone right back out. I still didn't receive a phone on Friday.  Asurion's website showed no status update.  I didn't receive an email to track the package, even though Asurion assured me that I would.  I chatted with a Verizon rep online Friday afternoon.  In the long run, the person passed the buck to Asurion and told me that they couldn't help me without me being on the phone.  My cell-phone has been my only phone and I had no-one close by who could lend me theirs. I also let this person know that I'd spoken to Asurion several times and it wasn't helping.  It truly seems that no-one cares at Verizon or Asurion.  I have been without a phonne for a week now, so I don't see how I can be considered a Verizon customer.  The Verizon rep offered to suspend my service without charge, but this would extend my contract, so in other words, I'm being offered no compensation for the time I've been without a phone.  I work with difficult children and challenging parents all the time, but I have never felt this disresepected before.  If someone knows how I can file an official complaint, please let me know.

Re: No Phone, No Help
Sr. Member

Verizon's obligation as a carrier is to provide you with service. Regardless of whether or not you have a device to use that service, it's still being provided which is why no compensation would be owed to you. Since your insurance is through Asurion, your beef is with Asurion.