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Over a week, still can't reply to posts...
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Like many, I've been unable to reply on my laptop (Dell PC) since the introduction of the new format.  Chrome, IE, Firefox ... makes no difference.  I can start new discussions, so until this gets fixed, I will keep starting new discussions to reply and hope the ones I am replying to will see.

In response to japetty1 (japetty) - You stated " It looks like VZW has struck back at those that they don't like what is being posted by that individual.  VZW should not be so hateful towards its customers"  I highly doubt this is the case.  I think it's simply a matter of launching a new platform without fully testing it out, and some of us got caught in the misfires.

@john51  - I feel the same frustration - and I don't think it had to do with changing your screen name - I've use this same one since I joined the forum several years ago, and it made the transition from Lithium to Jive, but from Jive 5 to Jive 7 it's been bumpy.  I would hate to have to switch names now...  and I don't think you can delete an account.  An admin or moderator can deactivate an account though.

mdxdx - I can still log in and reply to posts on my phone (Android OS) on the mobile version, but I don't like it.  I much prefer to participate in this forum via my desktop.

Perhaps if everyone who has problems replying can start a discussion here, we'll be able to figure out what the common factor is that's preventing us from replying, yet allowing others to do so.

Re: Over a week, still can't reply to posts...
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Ha ha the common factor is Verizon screwed up and never tested the site before they put it out as "New and Improved"

Nothing should be changed with the forum posters, it has to be fixed by the Technology Unit at Verizon. However I highly doubt they are going to figure out the problem in any quick hurry.

Replying from Apple iPhone 5S is the only way I can reply to a post.

Good Luck