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Scrap Current Website Layout - Go Back to Dashboard View (Similar to 3 years ago)

Does anyone else want to perform Harakiri every time they have to use the Verizon web site in it's current format (from the past few years)? I can't be the only one? I am one of those users that prefers to sit down at a computer to take care of something important like bills. Not a fan of paying bills with my phone over cell data. Also not a fan of agreeing to give anyone access to my bank account, even for auto bill pay. So here I am, that user, with that use case.

I remember a website that did not hang up so frequently, make me guess if my payment went through or not, and made it so clear that some button allows me to "PAY NOW". I'm sorry but "Payment Options" looks like something I need to click on when I require special consideration for a partial or late payment. Where is the "Pay Now" button!? Why do I have to add a payment method that assumes I want to save it for later? This is a bad design from a user standpoint. Maybe it looks good from a Verizon exec position but it's a bit off-putting for us customers to be railed into something we aren't going to do. Customer right? 

I remember a website that loaded quickly and at a glance without scrolling I knew everything I needed to know (data remaining - with a sweet odometer dial graphic, payments made, options for upgrade shopping) with clear options to take me to the places I wanted to go in the website. It was aesthetically pleasing. Today's website takes a while for all the content squares to load. The content squares are bland, HUGE and mostly nonsense and take up so much space - I see 3 whole squares and 3 half squares without scrolling and scrolling through all the squares.  

I hope this is at least amusing to read, but seriously this website layout is not user friendly. Sure you can use search for everything but that's copping out on design. This rant was motivated by the screen blinking and refreshing to payment options after I clicked submit on a payment. It happened 2 times then I realized it was not working but did it apply my payment 2 times? I couldn't tell because the design is so terrible it was not easy to find out.

Here is to hoping it's time for a new design and that the user experience may be considered more this time. Hope all is well, stay safe and healthy

Re: Scrap Current Website Layout - Go Back to Dashboard View (Similar to 3 years ago)

Are you referring to the layout of the My Verizon account online pages or the Verizon Wireless Community forum layout? 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.