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It's funny when you say something negative about a company they (discussion of moderation removed). Kinda go's against our freedom of free speech.  I get if you say something explicit or use an abbreviation to whatever what your saying is a violation to their policy.  But when you say something that's true and legit the moderator will (discussion of moderation removed) because it makes Verizon look bad. Sometimes I wonder, why even have a discussion blog if you can't let people tell you how they feel about their service or try to hear what they are saying and try to make it right? I have had all of my answers answered and I now know what not to do again. All I have to say is if you do the edge plan and say you've had the phone say 2 months and want an early up grade they say pay 50% of the price and trade in that phone for a new phone and start all over again. In my opinion it's a waste of money. Especially if you did like I did not knowing you only pay 50% and pay 100% you aren't eligible for another edge program until 6 months is completed, or you may not start up a contract until the 2 year agreement is completed as well. That's if you want to keep your number. Now you can get a new number and do whatever you want. I will say this and I bet that the moderator removes this again. You can port your number to another carrier and keep your number. And lastly the only other option is to pay full retail price for a phone and you can keep your same number. I had to find out the hard way. They retail associate never told me about paying 50%. He said I would have to buy out the edge contract and then I could Edge another phone. He forgot to mention I would have to wait another 4 months. So your best bet is if you can afford it just buy the phone at full price and your done par month to month. Have some freedom to do what you want. Upgrade every month if you want. Just another note, I have not said anything negative about this company nor did I use any bad language. I just explained what happened to me, and I just want to help the next person from making the same mistake.

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