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Verizon screwed me over

I would just like to say what the fuq is going on. This some straight bullsh*t, so I got insurance for my iphone 5 about a year ago, and I have since broke the screen. The insurance was $179.99, the "peace of mind" insurance, when I got it the girl did not say ANYTHING about the deductible. She said it was a one time payment of $179.99 and you got a new phone if anything happened to the old one. When I went to Verizon the other day to get a new phone, they first of all told me that they discontinued the iphone 5, which means they would have to give me the "next step up" which is the iphone 5C, which in my opinion is a fuqing step down because the iphone 5C is fuqing cheap, in fact that's what the "C" stands for I think. It's plastic and I could buy it anywhere for $100. They wanted me to pay a deductible of $150 for that, some fuqing BULLSH*T. FUQ THAT SH*T. Are you fuqing kidding me. Fuq you verizon. I have been a customer for fuqing TWENTY YEARS, I HAVE 4 PHONES ON THE FUQING PLAN, and GUESS WHAT?! I'm gonna cancel all of them, fuq you and your bullsh*t service, bye b*tches.