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trapped by data

Prior to this month, my data usage was always held well below 4GB for the 30 day billing cycle, just this month, after only 2 days, my phone received a message that my data usage was almost at limit. I called to inform Verizon that there must be some mistake, having only just payed my bill 2 days prior, my due date, and data should have be reset to zero. I only use use my data for email on my laptop, neither one of my phones are connected to receive data (d/l's). Tech was not helping either. After 6 years of computer science, tech tried to explain to me what the difference between a GB and megabit, and then tried to tell me that my system or programs had auto updates turned on, that was why my usage was so high, or that someone was connected to my device. The only thing on was my email account to d/l emails to read, no pictures, videos, pdf files, nothing, pure email consisting of 2-10 lines. According to them, 3.65 GB for 99 emails in 2 days. Then to top it all off, the tech called on Monday, and left me a voice mail saying that she sees that my data was back to normal, and if I had any other questions, she would be pleased to help me again. WHAT? Again? No help was given, just a long and drawn out excuse putting the blame solely on me. I wonder how many other peeps have had to endure this..... I have had to increased my data plan because of what might just be a glitch in the system....that they will never own up to, so we pay, 10 dollars here, 10 there....they are happy, but we continue to be unhappy and un-trusting when they claim to be making things better for us.

Also, been waiting 7 months now for my rebates...any clues?

Re: trapped by data

Are you by any chance using a Verizon Jetpack for your internet ????  I use the Verizon Jetpack for my internet and my data increased tremendously since  October with I Phone 5  & my Jetpack.