Disney+ bundle cancellation has placed my email in limbo

I have been passed around from Verizon agent to Verizon agent. What I've sussed out.  The Verizon agent wants to get off the chat with you as fast as possible, unless you are purchasing a new device. I don't know if they get a commission for selling a new device. But if that is the case, no Verizon agent wants to help with tech issues because it slows them down on setting up new devices.

So I cancelled my Verizon Disney Bundle so I could setup a pay for Hulu+ without ads.

But when I login to Hulu I get an error when I try to setup my account. It says my email is being used for Disney+ bundle through Verizon. So I ask Verizon to free up my email and every Verizon agent tells me just use another email.

Now, I pay for my email server. 900 a year. It's not a junk email account through AOL Yahoo or Gmail. It is mine, paid for.

So Verizon is telling me I can't use my paid for personal email to setup Hulu. Like they own my email now.

When I explain the anger this causes me the Agent asks "are you getting a new device today?"

That really happened. Not how can I fix this. But am I gonna make a purchase.

Re: Disney+ bundle cancellation has placed my email in limbo
Customer Service Rep

This is not the experience we want for our customers, GusPhillip! Please send us a Private Note, so we can look further into this email registration issue with you!