(SOLVED)Disney bundle activate issue with email address
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After almost a year of back and forth with Disney and Verizon. The nightmarish hours on the phone with Verizon was h--- on earth. Disney wanted Verizon to give me a new reference number. About five reps of Verizon told me they were submitting tickets for me to get a new reference number which was incorrect. No one ever followed up with me, to see if my issue was resolved. And I spent countless hours with Verizon being on hold ,being transferred , Disney Verizon conference calls etc

I finally contacted Verizon through Twitter and they were HIGHLY responsive. 

Disney is correct when they say it's Verizon's issue.Initially When we try to change email addresses none of that worked. When you are given a reference number With Verizon, it's attached to your email address and there's no way to unlink them. So when you go to try to activate the bundle it's always going to show your linked email address.

I'm attaching the reps less statement from Twitter or (X) That shows what they did



Thank you, Latosha, I just spoke with my supervisor, we checked the account together and it seems that there is no new reference number, but don't worry we just reach a resolution.

We checked for other similar cases, and went with other departments to force the updates on the system and check how can we help you better. On the section that you need to pay for the service in the Disney plus perk, you need to put a backup payment method, like if you were contracting the service without the Verizon perk. If there are any charges on your account, that it should not be, we are going to waive the charges, I will just need you to use Verizon as an indirect payment method for the Disney bundle perk.

  • Please, confirm the resolution, for me to note the account in case there are any charges, for them to be waived.



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