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Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns
Enthusiast - Level 3

In speaking with customer support this morning, it would appear that my only recourse for letting Verizon know that I don’t like the new Channel Guide is to make a post on the forums and this seems like the most applicable one.

To start, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old channel guide and I can’t figure out what the new guide does better aside from possibly displaying 2 additional channels per page…at the cost of incorporating a GIANT active dvr UI (user interface), an awful color scheme and a PiP window in the channel guide that seems to have had its size reduced to about ¼ of the previous one.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to change the display back to the old style or at least something close to it? I only had 15 minutes to play around with it this morning before work, but the rest of the new display styles are even worse than the standard one and I was hoping there was another options section that I didn’t notice as far as the overall display goes.

For those of you who use the verizon DVR services, that display has also changed and I can only assume that it’s geared towards displaying commercials while we use the dvr functions b/c there’s no other reason for it to take up so much room on the screen at the moment.

The previous dvr display used to consist of a small horizontal bar across the bottom of the screen that displayed the basic channel info (channel #, name of the show, run time etc etc), showed you the speed at which it was rewinding or fast forwarding and the point in the show that you were currently watching. With the update, the DVR window is MASSIVE and it has to be taking up close to 1/3 of the screen when you hit the FF, RW or play button. However, even with the new giant dvr display, there’s nothing being utilized in the actual display and I have a feeling it’s going to be used for corporate commercials or simply advertising verizon on-demand programming.

The new channel guide is clearly slower than the old one too and as I said earlier, I just didn’t see anything that warranted the huge makeover and I have trouble understanding how this new version of the channel guide could’ve possibly been beta tested by anyone and wound up in this state.

I love the verizon internet speed and I’ve come to find that their customer service is excellent, but this change was possibly enough to make me drop the full package I currently utilize and simply maintain the internet going forward for the sake of accessing websites like hulu & netflix for my television needs.

Re: Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns

Agreed.  The new guide format is slow, the text is difficult to read, but worst of all, you can only see a few channels at

a time when scrolling.  With hundreds of channels, you need to be able to glance at many channel listings quickly

on one screen, before quickly scrolling to the next screen. 

I agree this is so bad that I will have to look at cable or satellite options if the old channel guide is not restored, at least

as an option.  It was great!   Why fix what isn't broken?  Or more to the point, why break something that was an asset

to the service?

If FIOS tries to hold me to whatever the term of my contract period and penalizes me for dropping the service, my

position would be that the service provided by FIOS with the new channel guide is materially and adversely different from

what I signed up for, and this unilateral change on the part of Verizon voids my obligations under the deal.  But all

I really want is the option to return to the prior channel guide format.

Re: Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns

We totally agree. We'd like to be able to view the Channel Guide in the old format. If anyone can figure out how to get it back PLEASE let us know.  It takes WAY TOO LONG to scroll through & view choices. We went on vaca & when we came back this is what we're stuck with?  No choice!    When it ain't broke, don't fix it. Who came up with the awful idea of this change. Why wouldn't Verizon consult it's customers before making such a horrible change?  Verizon please give us the option to change back to the old Guide.

Re: Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns

New guide is terrible: slow, less information, not full width. Mistake.

Re: Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns

I don't like the change either. I used "modes" to see what movies were playing. It used to operate just fine. Now when I try to use it, it defaults to the very last channel showing a movie, usually in the 1700's. But all the movies I watch are between channel 2 and 234. So I have to scan down through all the channels from about 1700 to the 200's and as you noted, scanning is much slower with the new set up. It makes using the movie mode useless for me 

Re: Channel Guide Update - Questions & Concerns
Master - Level 2

No need to do a long scroll.  Type in a channel number like, in your example 2, it will jump to that area.