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EpixHD - Says I don't have subscription - but I do - can't login

I've subscribed to Epix as part of my FIOS account for several months now.  I try and take advantage of the EpixHD feature watching movies over the internet and it asks me to sign in.  When I try to login using my verizon username (as it asks for)... it says I don't have a subscription.  I then click on subscribe to Epix and it takes me to verizon's page where it says I already have a subscription!

I called Verizon and the tech. agent said that there was nothing he could do and the problem was on Epix' side and to contact them.  I then called Epix and they referred me back to Verizon... an endless "call them... it's on their side" loop!

This is ridiculous.

Re: EpixHD - Says I don't have subscription - but I do - can't login

If you go to FiosTV Central and log in there.

Select FiOS TV Online on the sidebar to your left.

Scroll down to the Epix section and select watch online. It should ask you to set up a profile. It is a little confusing, and this link may take you there.

Also once your Epix profile is set up, you can go to the site directly and log in.

If none of the above works for you, you may need to keep at it with tech support.

Re: EpixHD - Says I don't have subscription - but I do - can't login
Super User
Super User

OK ... this one had me boggled for a while too, but I eventually figured out the right combination.

First time user:

1. Use Internet Explorer (there's a plugin during the account creation process that Firefox doesn't understand)

2. On the EpixHD site, select "sign up" (not sign in) and indicate Verizon Fios as your provider.

3. You will be taken to a screen where you need to login with your Verizon account (not email address, account name/password)

4. One successful, you will be directed to a screen where you have to create an EpixHD Screen name and password.  This is different than your Verizon account information, however you need to specify your Verizon email address as the email account.

5. When complete, you should be taken into the site.

On subsequent returns:

1. Select "Sign In" and select indicate Verizon as your platform.

2. Use your Verizon email address (the one you used when you did the "sign up") and password you gave to EpixHD when you signed up (not your Verizon password unless you used the same value)

Re: EpixHD - Says I don't have subscription - but I do - can't login
Sorry it took so long to reply.  The same authentication problem that you've seen on EPIX from time to time seems to have affected my ability to login here.
I'm a FiOS customer, I also work at EPIX.  FiOS has been a great partner for us.
If you have problems logging in, shoot our not-quite-24-hour-customer help team an email at  Let them know your Verizon email address and we can try to help.  We CANNOT instantly fix the problem since we don't control the systems that are used to process your login, but we can escalate to Verizon and they can look in to whatever glitch you're seeing.  Verizon controls the process, so we work closely with them when issues arise.
The technology that we use to let you login to and watch movies is part of an initiative that the tv world refers to as "TV Everywhere".  It's a new piece of technology that's still got some glitches as you're seeing...  But we're working to make it more stable and more reliable every day.  One of the tricky things that makes it a bit confusing and buggy is all the privacy policies in play.  The reason why we ask you for a screen name on the EPIX site is because we don't actually get any information from Verizon on who you are other than a "Yes, that person can watch movies" or "No, that person cannot watch movies..." In order to use the private screening, participate in the event theatre, and some other new features that we're rolling out you need to have a screen name to be your identity on otherwise your ID would be some un-changeable 64-digit number. (And for anyone who remembers ICQ, you'll know that's not the best experience ever invented.)
Oh, and as for the previous post, you don't need to use IE (I don't use IE and I won't ever launch a product that requires IE) and you do NOT need to use your Verizon email when you're signing up for EPIX.  You can use whatever email you like.  If you're seeing a different behavior, please let me know and we'll look in to it. My email is
Again, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
Re: EpixHD - Says I don't have subscription - but I do - can't login
Super User
Super User

You are correct that you don't need IE on subsequent visits once the account is setup.   Evidently whatever Verizon worked out with Epix to get the initial account created requires an ActiveX plugin -- which I agree is bad form, but that's what the testing found.

I suspect as you suggest that you can call Epix and they'll be more than willing to manually fix the problem for you and set things up.   But if you want to go thru the Verizon automated path without the need to reach out to a person to intervene, you need to evidently follow the process I outlined.

Either achieves the same end result.