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Re: Guide has *all* episodes of Doctor Who on BBCA marked as new; creating havoc w/ my DVR
Enthusiast - Level 3
We have also run into this problem. I don't remember the name of the show but it was a marathon and pretty much filled the DVR. I am also set for new shows only.
Re: Guide has *all* episodes of Doctor Who on BBCA marked as new; creating havoc w/ my DVR
Specialist - Level 1

This is a issue that has still not gone away where a lot of people are dealing with this kind of problem where a great deal of the information that is on the guide never matches. I have the same problem too but it is even worse than what was described on this thread. So many of the channels are off by several hours that you actually have to time something and tape a show that is wrongly listed on the guide but it really is what you want. For example there is a channel in my area called tvc + latino channel 477 but it is three hours off and that is because the same exact channel also exists on the west coast too so they are running a west coast schedule for those who are on the east coast! It is channel 487 in los angeles but it would not surprise me all if the people who are on the west coast have an east coast schedule because that is how clueless the verizon guide provider is that they do not even know what region you are in! There are also a ton of channels on my guide that are off by an hour but not because of a time change they have always been like that. Channels 1662, 1646, 1582, 1511, 1516 are all off by an hour while other channels like 1509, 1548 never match and i am not even including how telemundo and univision and headline news are usually wrong on the weekends. It does wreak havoc on your dvr because the telemundo and univision 6pm shows that are usually on 7 days a week does not appear there on saturdays because there is always a movie from 4-6pm on telemundo on saturday but it is always listed as 4-5:30pm where the news is listed at 5:30pm when in fact it is the final half hour of that movie and the 6pm news show never appears. The same goes for univision which has a comedy show listed there at 6pm on saturdays when in fact it is the 6pm news. Now if you have the 6pm news set up on either telemundo or univision it will not appear there because it is always listed wrongly at 5:30pm. The same problem exists with headline news. The guide has had forensic files listed for a long time starting on fridays at 9pm where it continues throughout the weekend but in reality the show that has been on there for a long time is actually mystery detectives. Every single year there are a whole bunch of concert series on music channels that i miss out on because they are not listed on the guide where the first of them is going to air in a few days on march 21 on channel 1664 starting at 7pm but it is not there. It is a heavily hyped concert but as usual verizon's guide provider is completely clueless about it. If it was possible to file and win a lawsuit against fyi television for their ineptitude then people would have done it a long time ago because of how incompetent they are.