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Help with connecting my Motorola 6200 STB to my TV!

My dad has had Verizon FIOS tv installed for the past 3 months, but last month i decided to get another set top box for my room. i tried connecting the various cords to my tv, but once i plugged in the power cord, i keep getting this flashing error message: 

1. E601

2. Fr 1

3. hunt 

this keeps cycling repeatedly. my question is i plugged in the coaxial cable to an ordinary cable outlet. am i required to have verizon install a special cable outlet even though i already have verizon fios tv installed?

Re: Help with connecting my Motorola 6200 STB to my TV!
Contributor - Level 1

When the box arrived in the mail, did you follow the activation instructions that came with it ??

Re: Help with connecting my Motorola 6200 STB to my TV!

. hunt means that it's hunting for a signal.

you may have the rf plugged where it says to tv, and that would be why.   make sure it's labeled rf in or fios tv in.

if it's set up like that then you can enter into the diagnostic mode of the cable box by hitting power -> select -> select

do not hold them down simultaneously, just hit them one at a time.

if you're on the right input on your tv you will see a diagnostic screen on the tv set itself, and you will see d01 on the front of the cable box.

you will want to use the front panel of the cable box to press power select select. 

after you get there, you want to select in band status.   it is sometimes d04 or d03 i think.

hit select to choose it.

a lot of info here, ignore everything,  look for the line that starts with SNR and then look off to the right, you will see your DB

if it says 0db, or NA NA     then that means that there is no signal coming from the wall cable (coax).

if it says that then you need to trace your wires and make sure that this rooms coax goes and connects to the fios splitter.

this room "may" not be wired for fios.   that's always a possibility.