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Multiroom DVR jumps into FF
Enthusiast - Level 1
OK...anyone had this issue.  When watching a recording from a room remote from the dvr (via Standard STB) the recording will, on it's own, jump into FF.  You can't stop it without shutting off the STB.  Also, when you use the skip forward button it works sometimes but other times rather than skip ity jumps into FF (and no, not hitting FF button by mistake).  Verizon has reset the stb's & router numerous times.  Even replaced dvr.  After resets it will be OK for a short time then start again.  DVR works fine when not using from remote stb.  I'm about ready to go to TIVO.
Re: Multiroom DVR jumps into FF
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have had same exact problem for months. Tech dept had it working for about a month, but now it just started again last night.

In fact tech dept worked on the problem last night. Went to play the program back had same problem.

I have spent more time trying to correct problems with this whole FIOS system then anything I have have ever owned.

I am retired, so that helps with the spare time to try and resolve all the problems I had.

First it was phone problems and now this problem.

Going back to Direct TV is looking more likely with every passing day.

Re: Multiroom DVR jumps into FF

Have the same problem.  Along with momentary blackouts on the second room systems shows being recorded for only a couple minutes, or recordings starting in the middle of the show or the recording starting 5-15 minutes of sync with the show so I miss the ending.  Didn't have this problem with my last system. 

It's distressing to see that so many people are having the same problem.  Why is FIOs not changing/upgrading their boxes?

Re: Multiroom DVR jumps into FF

Yes, I have this same annoying problem.

Also have a similar problem on the DVR box.  It doesn't start FF by itself, but will get stuck in FF or pause mode.  Equally as annoying.

The $150 cash card verizon gave me for signing up will almost cover the early termination fee that I'm seriously considering paying.

We didn't realize how much we actually LIKED the service we had before with Dish.  

Re: Multiroom DVR jumps into FF
Specialist - Level 2

There are two known issues that cause FF, both are firmware, so there isn't any hope of it getting better until the img1.6.2 firmware gets upgraded (hopefully later this year).

1). The skip forward button sometimes causes FF instead of skip forward 30 seconds. The appears to be completely random. Believe it or not that is actually an improvement what used to happen. At least now if you hit stop, the DVR will actually stop. On previous firmware turning the STB off was the only thing that worked.

2). Verizon supplied commercials. Verizon sells commercials, and there is apparently a problem sometimes when Verizon 'splices' in a commercial, it causes the DVR to go into FF. There is nothing random about this one, it will happen every time you hit one of these ''splices'. So when stop the DVR, back up, if you replay the bad 'splice' again, the DVR will go into FF again.

And I don't deny that is a major PIA. I don't think I have been able to get through a single 1 hour recorded program without having the DVR 'runaway'.