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Re: Fios interface Changes Based On Your Feedback!

@The_Vin_Man wrote:

When using the remote, the response time is very slow and sluggish when (Surfing channels, inputting a channel (it will not add or skip channel digits), pressing the power on/off button, pressing the guide/options/info/exit buttons, and switching Favorites! Also, when viewing a DVR show the rewind and forward buttons take forever to perform their tasks. All these functions exhibit a very noticable delay that is extremely annoying. I checked to see what release I had and it is (APR-7.5). Is there another download version that fixes these functions???

Unfortunately you can't manually download the updates. They are pushed to the boxes based on location. Eventually everyone winds up on the same APR, but it takes time. Also if there are new bugs, they may not continue the push until they are fixed.

Re: Channel guide blank

It is but it still isn’t working at our house 

New user interface/guide system is just awful
Enthusiast - Level 1

As the title states. The updated guide/UI is by far the worst I’ve very used. It’s always freezing and you can’t look at the mini guide while watching the full screen. All you see is what’s playing now and one movie ahead. Put the old system back. This new one is laggy and freezes constantly as well. Who designed this piece of trash anyway? Who needs a huge movie art picture instead of the **bleep** guide info. And where is the darn time located in the mini guide? 

Re: New user interface/guide system is just awful
Enthusiast - Level 2

It is that bad. After more than 20 years with Verizon, and previously BellAtlantic I an leaving for Xfinity. I've had it. In the more than two months since they released this kluge no attempt has been made to fix it.

Re: Fios interface Changes Based On Your Feedback!
Contributor - Level 1

Where are you located?


Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
Enthusiast - Level 1

**bleep** beyond belief.  Worst thing ever.  It would be different it was an improvement but you have removed the best features and it is soooooooooo slow to respond.

Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
Contributor - Level 1

I wish more customers would spend the time to complain. Maybe then we'd get some relief. As it is now, not enough people are complaining, so they just sit on their salaries and do nothing.

Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
Enthusiast - Level 2

This upgrade has been so bad and so little has been done to fix this, I'm looking at my options to get rid of FiOS. A shame to lose customers because the user experience on your cable box is so terrible.

What I've determined is this bad upgrade added way to much flashy graphics. the STB is not capable of handling it because the CPU, memory and graphics processor is not fast enough. This should have waited for a better STB. This is like getting an iPhone upgrade on old hardware.

A lot of it was unnecessary. I do not want to see an on screen timeline when I press pause, jump forward or back 30 seconds. This can spoil a show or movie as I now know how much time remains. I'd rather be surprised.

But here's the slowness of these heavily graphic overlays. It takes up to 5 seconds to get the STB to respond (and sometimes you must press the button again):

  • Pressing Pause
  • Pressing jump forward 30 seconds
  • Pressing jump back 30 seconds
  • Pressing "OK"
  • Pressing "info"
  • Pressing Guide and sometimes there is an extra 5-10 second wait for the guide to fully populate.

These should be instantaneous operations. Something I get if I use a Roku, YouTube online, or any other streaming service.

Also, if I hit Ok on the DVR to get information on a show I'm watching, it remains on the screen for a LONG TIME. If I press Exit, I'm now prompted if I want to exit to live TV. That's bad too. That's why I hit stop or a new channel. I'd never exit from there and only want the overlay to go away now.

there are just too many overlays that hide too much of the screen, have too much graphics, remain too long on the screen and don't provide any value.

I'm hoping other post, complain and threaten to leave the service. Maybe then Verizon will do something.

Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
Contributor - Level 1

You are the one thousand and ninety-eighth person to complain. We aren't even a .001% of Verizon customers. So why should they care?  Truth is they don't care. We can suffer or move on. Moving on is a tough choice. But there are options for the guide like Roku, Alexa, even new smart TVs. Just does **bleep** me off that one of the best features of Verizon was that guide. Oh well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Re: Sept 2020 Fios DVR and Guide Update
Enthusiast - Level 2

Just wanted to add my voice to this.  The new UI system is absolute and utter garbage.  I thought I'd give it some time to catch up, but it's just as inept and difficult to use as it was in Sept.

SO MANY problems with this thing, while so many GOOD FEATURES that were in the old system (and were very effective) are now gone.

In actuality, I did call tech support back in Sept and complain about the removal of time stamps in DVR recordings, and that it was UNACCEPTABLE when you have 2-3 hour recordings.  Lo and behold, a week or 2 later they magically updated the system and gave us an hourly timeline (and actually labeled it as "new").

But yes, THE BIGGEST issue right now by far is the SLOW SPEED.  Everything takes forever.  Every button push.  I've tried getting all new remotes.  No change.  It's like the poster above me said, there's clearly not enough cpu power to drive this new UI.

I wonder... Does anyone who works at Verizon realize what we USED to be able to do with the DVR system and live TV?  Did NONE of the tech's who designed this have any access to the old system and it's capabilities?  Because it sure seems like Verizon hired the WRONG people to be in charge of this new system.  It needs to be fixed.