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Terrible Customer Support

Verizon just has terrible customer and techincal support.  No if ands or buts about it.

I had my Verizon FIOS service installed 3 weeks ago.  Verizon gave me 3 old DVR boxes that would not give me the full wide screen guide.  The installers also left the inground box by the street open with equipement sticking out of the ground.  I had to call 3 times to get Verizon to fix the inground box.  I called and asked about the Wide screen guide problem and the girl I spoke with didn't know what she was talking about.  I called a local store about it and they kind of knew and said I could switch the boxes out with them.  The store is on the other side of town so I called tech support again and got someone that knew what they were doing and she sent me 3 new DVRs that do the Wide screen full guide.  Big difference if you ask me.  I swapped out the boxes and tried to name the new boxes and the new DVR that I put in the living room would not except Living Room because I had used it on one of the old boxes.  So I call Tech support again and they say you can't use Living Room and I should pick another name to use.  I think about it and I had not sent the old boxes back yet so I plugged in the old living room box and changed the name to something else.  Then plugged the new living room box and then I was able to name it Living Room.  I sent all of the old boxes back and I thought I was done with my problems.  


Then a week later the multiroom DVR function stops working.  I believe the girl I talked to about naming the boxes screwed this up some how.  I call Tech support and I can barely understand the guy because english is not his first language and he just doesn't know what he is doing.  So after a half an hour of this he just transfers me to someone else.  She says that she can put in an order to have this turned back on but can't make it effective today but it will come on tomorrow.  I knew that sounded weird but I went with it.  The next day the mutliDVR function still does not work.  So I call again and I get someone that knows what they are doing and he says that there is just a setting on my account for mutiDVR function and he changes it to ON.  We reset the boxes and it starts to work.


The next day the mutlDVR function is not working again.  So I call the next day and get another Technical support guy who does not know what he is doing.  He actually tries to tell me that only one DVR should work multi room and that all of the DVR boxes wont show up on each other's DVR screen.  I know this is wrong because it was just working a day ago.  Pretty bad when I know more than Technical support.  Anyway he wants me to unplug all 5 boxes from power and coax and have my router totally reset to original settings.  I tell him no that won't fix it and they need to send someone out.  The next day the guy comes and he is real nice and knows what he is doing and gets it fixed.  He also tells me that I should not have gone through all what I've gone through and that I deserve a discount.  He takes my number and says that Customer service will call me.  NO ONE CALLS.


So I call the next day and speak to 3 different people and all I get is a $42.00 discount for all of my troubles.  I am a dream client for this company.  I have 5 cable boxes and 3 are DVRs.  I have every movie channel and I bundle.  I am by billing standards the best client they can get.  And this is how I am treated.  


The big problem is Cox, the cable company in my market, is no better.  They are terrible too.  I guess Verizon knows this and just thinks who cares if we just screw our clients over.


Tough pill to swallow but I guess this is the life of a cable subscriber in Virginia Beach, VA.