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Re: Bring Back The Weather Channel!

I don't use many of the channels I pay for but I do count on the weather channel.


Re: I want The Weather Channel back

It is obvious that under FCC Guidelines you can do with what you want regarding your service. However, to simply take the Weather Channel off the air without any explanation was **bleep**!!  I have a Special Needs daughter who depends on “Locals on the 8s” for her daily routines and when I found out just yesterday without any prior notice that you had taken the Weather Channel off the air and replaced it with a “Mickey Mouse” substitute, it didn’t go over well.

That said, unless there is a reexamination by Verizon FIOS to return the Weather Channel, I will simply go elsewhere for service.

Re: $39 million...
Enthusiast - Level 1

More angry today about this, than I was yesterday. Stop changing my programming for something that I wanted when I signed up!!!!

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 2

I want The Weather Channel
I want Jim Cantore
I want The Weather Channel's programing.
I want Prospectors
I want Tornado Alley
I want Coast Guard Alaska

Your stupid Widget isn't going to give me that  And neither is AccuWeather  I will leave FiOs for a provider who has the Weather Channel  I pay $192 a month and you took off some of the programs I watch regularly  This is a game changer for me.

Re: The Weather Channel is gone
Enthusiast - Level 1

Dropping the Weather Channel is a very big mistake. I checked out the new Accuweather channel last night and it is pathetic. In addition to the most accurate weather forecasting in the nation they also have some good shows. The Weather Channel was smart enough to expand their horizons because no one is going to sit and watch nothing but weather. They have added some good programming to their line-up. I am disgusted with Verizon for making this decision with no regard to the customers. I would strongly suggest rethinking this decision. The Accuweather replacement is very cheap looking and is a downgrade to what I would expect from Verizon.

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 1

My family cannot believe you no longer offer the Weather Channel.  That is a basic requirement for any cable provider!  Accuweather is like watching a "B" movie after seeing the Academy Award picture of the year.  If you do not bring back the Weather Channel, we will look to end our relationship with Fios and find someone who does offer it (Comcast).

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 1

I want the weather channel back. I'm real angry that I will not be able to see prospectors!!!!

Weather channel: bitterly upset at removal
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have just signed a 2yr renewal and find that without notice, Verizon has removed the Weather channel.  The replacement is NOT satisfactory.  WC had lots of programming beyond weather and I am being deprived of one of the few stations I watch on TV.

BAD BAD, Verizon

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am very upset that Verizion has chosen to stop pursuing negotiations for renewal of The Weather Channel.

Sorry Verizon, but AccuWeather and your WeatherBug widget are not sutiable replacement.

It is likely that we will more closely examine our options when our contract is up for renewal.  You've taken a fan of your services and created a fence-sitter (at best) - probably not good for your NPS, Verizon ...

What's the cost of recruiting a dissatisfied customer versus retention of an existing happy customer?

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 3

Especially customers that spend around $500 a month between Verizon and Verizon Wireless!

Bring the Weather Channel back!